<aside> 💡 Before people can buy your product, they need to hear about it. This exposure will happen organically over time; but if you want to speed this process up, think about marketing.


Table Of Contents:


1. Business Validation

2. Business Plan

3. Team

4. Marketing

5. Money

6. Business Entities in Michigan

7. Insurance And Contracts

Marketing Overivew:



Framing The Marketing Conversation

It doesn’t matter how great your business is if no one knows about it. The process of telling people about your product, services and story is called marketing.

Marketing strategies are tailored to each business, and will help you identify what makes your product unique.

Video Outline:

00:30 - Why you need an Legal Entity

01:40 - What is a Legal Entity

02:10 - You Options

02:50 - How to Choose

03:40 - Your Next Steps

1. Start With These 3 Questions

Marketing is similar to many other areas of business in that you need to ask and answer a lot of questions before you can find a solid answer. Here are the first three questions you might want to ask.

<aside> 1️⃣ A. Target Audience: Who is going to buy my goods or service?


<aside> 2️⃣ B. Channels: How do I talk to people about my product? (I.E. email, face to face, referral) do you use?


<aside> 3️⃣ C. Message? What do they need to hear? Are you going to win on Price, Quality, Speed, or Story?


If you can confidently and correctly answer these three questions you are getting close to having a solid marketing plan.

Create a Marketing Plan

Marketing plans can be 45-page documents with pie charts and citations, or they can be one-page marketing plans like the marketing canvas.

MIstart recommends that you start by filling out the marketing canvas as your marketing plan.